Tea maker 16

Wooden tea cup with 16 compartments


Wooden tea box with sixteen compartments, lockable.

Wooden tea stand gives the teahouse the opportunity to present its customers with various types and flavors of teas from around the world.


In the kitchen we can use wooden box with compartments to display your preferred teas and additionally decorate your favorite corner.


Tea maker it is also an extraordinary gift for various occasions, of course personally decorated.


Natural unpainted wood from which the tea-kettle was made allows you to decorate it using the decoupage method.

Removable compartments facilitate painting and decorating inside the box.


External dimensions;

L; 28,5cm x W; 28,5cm x H; 8cm
Partition dimensions; 6,4 cm x 6,4 cm x height; 5,6 cm + height of the lid 1,2 cm

Decorative wooden crate for tea. Sixteen plywood compartments.
Wooden tea box, 16 decoupage compartment

Tea box. Sixteen plywood compartments. Decodrew wood production.
Wooden tea cup with sixteen compartments.


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