Tea maker 4 without clasp

Wooden teahouse with 4 compartments without fastening


Wooden tea box with partitions is a fun way to make an original gift for any occasion, birthday, wedding.

Every opportunity is good to create something yourself that will be a unique gift, because we cannot buy the same tea pot in the store.

Tea maker it is not only a tea organizer, but also a perfect box with compartments for other small items.

Natural unpainted wood from which the tea-kettle was made allows you to decorate it using the decoupage method.

Removable partitions of the box make it easy to paint and decorate inside.



L; 28 cm x W; 9 cm x H; 8 cm

Wooden teahouse 4
Wooden tea box with four compartments for decoupage

Tea box with compartments
A simple, wooden, quadruple teahouse without clasp


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