Tea maker with 4 compartments

Wooden tea cup with 4 compartments


Wooden tea box with four compartments, lockable.

Tea maker it's not only display stand for tea but also works great as  jewellery box  or an occasional gift.

Wooden box with compartments it is eagerly used as a product to create a marriage toolbox or a box with a child's birth certificate.

Natural unpainted wood from which the tea-kettle was made allows you to decorate it using the decoupage method.

Removable compartments facilitate painting and decorating inside the box.

Also available wooden white box with two, four and six compartments painted on the outside with ecological varnish.



External dimensions;

L; 17,8 cm x W; 14,8 cm x H; 8 cm
partition dimensions; 7,7 cm x 6,7 cm x height; 5,6 cm + height of the lid 1,2 cm

A quadruple wooden teahouse
A tea box with four compartments and a clasp

Wooden decoupage tea box
Quadruple tea box for decoupage
Four decoupage teahouse
A wooden teahouse with four compartments


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