Wine basket-2 bottles.

A basket for two bottles made of a bucket


Wine basket it's glamorous  ecological wine packaging hand-woven from a pine wood.

The basket will hold two bottles of wine / alcohol.

Gift basket it is a unique gift for the bride and groom, thanks for parents or another party, where a bottle of good alcohol will be welcome.

The basket can be additionally decorated with a bow, a personalized heart, or completed with wood wool, sample photos are presented below.

Gift baskets for wine are very popular during the Christmas season, when we are happy to give our loved ones something special.

The basket can be stained, painted and thus create a unique case for wine / alcohol, hand-made tinctures.

A basket for one bottle and is also available for sale  wine tube from the shafts.


A novelty among wine packaging and products for decorating with the decoupage technique.


External dimensions;

L; 20,5cm x W; 10cm x H; 20cm

height with the handle; 38cm

Woven basket for wine double alcohol.
Basket for two wine bottles with a handle



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