A chest with a KLD key

A chest with a KLD key


A chest with a KLM key External dimensions: L; 15cm wide; 10cm high; 9cm Material; wood and plywood.

FPH Decodrew manufacturer of wooden accessories. The offer includes items for decoration, including decoupage technique: tea boxes, boxes for handkerchiefs, wooden packaging for wine / alcohol, wooden trunks, wooden boxes, wooden key boxes, wooden trays, wooden Christmas decorations, wooden bracelets, wooden beads, wooden earrings, cutouts of wood and plywood. We also offer a wide assortment of fishwood products; baskets made of shins, boxes made of shins, containers made of shins for wine / alcohol.


L; 21,5cm x W; 13cm x H; 11cm

Wooden trunk with a lock
Wooden trunk with a key

Wooden trunk of a key
Wooden trunk with a lock and key

Lockable wooden trunk
Wooden trunk
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