Wooden balls and beads

We manufacture turned wooden elements such as balls and wooden beads with a threading hole.

Wooden beads

Production and wholesale-retail sale of wooden beads and beads. Turning services of various designs.

Wooden balls for threading

We produce wooden beads for decoration, wooden beads with holes. Wooden stringing beads for children. Wooden balls in sizes 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm.
Production of wooden beads and beads. Wooden balls for decorating. Balls turned on wooden beads

Wooden balls are most often turned from beech or birch wood. On request, we also roll other shapes of beads, in the case of new designs, there is the cost of making accessories for the lathe.
Two turning tools are required to suit the shape of the product. There is also a minimum quantity of about 2 for items with large diameters. The smaller the item, the minimum production quantity is greater.

The regular offer includes wooden beads with a through hole. The bead diameters are:

Wooden beads are often used by craftsmen to make natural jewelry. They can be used to make earrings, beads and used as small additions to other products. It is quite popular to decorate larger and smaller beads using the decoupage technique or covering them with Japanese paper or fabric.

We also sell painted beads available in several colors.

Christmas tree ornament made of turned balls.
Home decorations made of wooden balls.
Production of turned wooden accessories.
Wooden ornament made of beads.


Scale wooden beads up to a wooden marker with a diameter of 20mm and a thickness of 8mm.

Mini wooden beads wholesale and retail sale. We are a producer of turned elements for toys and wooden accessories.
Tiny wooden beads 8mm manufacturer with a through hole

Turned wooden balls with a diameter of 10mm. Versatile DIY application
We produce wooden beads for corals, we sell wholesale and retail.

I offer wooden balls with holes, versatile use.
Wooden pendant ball earrings are made of wooden jewelry.

Wooden beads for the production of decorations and earrings. Turning services, wholesale and retail sale
Wooden balls for the production of hand-made jewelry.

Wooden balls with a hole, production and wholesale of turned objects
16mm wooden beads for jewelry making

Manufacture of turned elements, wooden beads for decorating raw material
Production of wooden balls for car seats.

Beads for stringing with a through hole for a string or chain. We also produce beads without holes, turning wooden beads.
Small stringing beads for children; bead diameter 20mm.

The store offers wooden stringing beads, making handmade jewelry, decoupage decorations and accessories for toys.
Wooden beads wholesale, production and retail sale. Colorful wooden beads are also in our offer.

Production of turned elements: children's wooden beads for toys and holiday decorations.
Wooden bead necklace, sale of beads for stringing beads.

Turning services, production and sale of wooden beads wholesale decoupage.
Manufacturer of beads and wooden beads for the production of car seat mats.

Wooden beads for beads with a hole for threading the string. Production of turned wooden accessories.
Natural wooden beads with a diameter of 40mm with a through hole

Beech balls with a large diameter of 50mm. Intended for the production of toys and decorations.
Large wooden beads online store, production of balls and turned parts

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Large wooden ball with a hole, wooden beads, natural wooden beads shop.
Large turned wooden ball, wooden balls.

Wooden ball with a bead hole, wooden beads, the manufacturer also offers colored wooden beads
Turned wooden beads, raw wooden beads, manufacturer and sale of raw wooden beads.

Wooden balls with a hole of various sizes, wooden beads for children and colored wooden beads
Turned wooden beads of various diameters, natural wooden beads, wooden beads manufacturer.

Turned wooden ball with a hole, wooden beads wholesale, wooden beads for making decoupage jewelry.
Wooden ball bead, wooden aroma balls, varnished wooden beads.

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