The Decodrew Manufacturing and Trading Company was founded in 2008 and deals with the production of wooden products.
We continue the multi-generational family tradition dating back to the beginning of the 60s.
The acquired experience allows us to create high-quality products.
For the production of haberdashery, we only use materials of Polish origin.
Wooden products manufactured by us are valued for high quality, aesthetics and originality, thanks to which the company has gained recognition in the country and the EU.

Main business profile

>>> Items for decorating with the decoupage technique:
> Boxes
> Trunks
> Dressing tables
> Boxes
> Dressers
> Trays
> Candlesticks
> Napkin holders
> Handkerchiefs
> Small items and advertising gadgets
> Bracelets
> Wine racks
> Clocks
> Hand cut elements from plywood and MDF
> Shelves
> Cups
> Phone stands

>>> Turned products
> Balls
> Corals
> Tees
> Handles

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