Round washer

laser cutouts round pads

plywood laser cutouts

Wooden mug coasters

Cup coasters to decorate. Left laser cut in birch plywood about 3mm thick. We produce various types of laser-cut decorative elements from simple and small shapes. Under large cutouts up to 150cm x 150cm
0,3cm x 9,5 cm x 9,5 cm

Mug coasters production of laser cutting of plywood.
Plywood laser cutout, cup coaster.

Decorative round mug coaster. Manufacturer of laser cutouts.
Round laser cutout for decorating.

Round mug coaster, laser cutout.
Round cup placemats laser cutouts.

Square washer laser cutout.
Wooden square cutout for a cup. Production of laser cut parts.
Round washer production laser cutouts.
Round cup pads for decorating, laser cutting of plywood.

Laser cut from plywood
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Wooden coasters for a glass mug, manufacturer.
Square washer cut out of birch plywood. Coaster for cups and glasses.

Round washers, laser cut shapes. Decodrew laser cutouts
Round cup under the cup cut out of birch plywood.

Square shaped wooden coaster. Production of wooden washers in various shapes.
Plywood square coaster for a cup or glass. Custom production of washers.

Production of decodrew plywood cutouts. Wooden mug coats.
Plywood cutouts, round pads for cups.


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