Wooden stationery box not painted decodrew



Material: pine-wood, 3mm plywood A wooden writing desk that can be a great gift or an unusual decoration for a desk. We can decorate it with several techniques, e.g. decoupage, pasting, painting, pyrography.


L; 28cm x W; 25cm x H; 7cm

Wooden stationery box not painted decodrew
Wooden secretary

Wooden mailbox.
A writing desk for stationery, a place for a pen.
Wooden writing desk, production of wooden decodrew accessories
Box for stationery and writing instruments

FPH Decodrew production of wood products. Virtually all items shown on our website are raw and ready to be decorated. The most popular decorating technique is decoupage. We offer: wooden boxes, wooden containers, wooden cabinets for keys, ecological trays made of wood, angels made of wood, bracelets, wooden beads, baskets, elements of wooden earrings, cutouts of wood and plywood.

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