Christmas candlestick

Laser cut candlesticks

Wooden Christmas candlestick


Beech wood and 3mm plywood
Candlestick Angel - Wed. base 8,5 cm high; 14 cm
Candlestick Reindeer - Wed. base 8,5 cm high; 12 cm
Christmas tree candlestick -Med. base 8,5 cm x 12,5 cm


14 8,5 cm x cm

Production of wooden candleholders, cutouts from tealight decodrew plywood
Christmas tea light candlesticks

Wooden candlesticks production, regional handicraft, cutouts from decodrew plywood
Angel wooden candlestick on tea light

Decodrew production of wooden candleholders, laser-cut plywood decorations
Decorative candlestick of a Christmas tree
Tea light wooden candlesticks manufacturer laser cut decodrew.
Wooden Christmas deer candlestick

Production laser cutouts for decoupage

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