Casket A1

Wooden box for decorating

Wooden Casket A1


Casket A1 made of high-quality linden wood with a smooth surface, round shape.

Perfect for sweets or for storing jewelry or other small items, it can be a great gift for any occasion.


Natural wood can be stained, painted, waxed, engraved or decorated, among others. using the decoupage technique.


100% ecological product made in Poland.


L 18,5 cm x W 11,7 cm x H 6,5 cm

Wooden box for decorating
Wooden decodrew casket

Milled wooden decorative box
Casket for decorating

We sell wholesale and retail.

When purchasing retail, the customer places an order through the price list on the website.

Wholesale customers are welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the production offer of our company, all wood products presented on the website are manufactured in Poland.

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