Mini FL case

Wooden mini box FL


We invite you to purchase an aesthetically made casket with a mirror, lined with red folk.
Rounded sides distinguish it from other caskets available on the market.
Material; pine wood, 5mm pine plywood lid, 3mm plywood bottom.
Unpainted casket designed to be decorated with, among others, decoupage technique.
The offer also includes a casket without a mirror and without a flock.

FPH Decodrew production of wooden products. We offer: wooden boxes, wooden boxes, wooden cabinets for keys, trays in various sizes ecological wood, wood angels, jewelry elements, wooden beads, baskets, wooden earrings, cutouts of wood and plywood.


L; 16 cm wide; 10,8 cm high; 5,5 cm
Internal dimensions 12,2cm x 7,5cm x 4cm

Casket with a mirror
Mirror case

Wooden casket
Wooden box with a mirror
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