Wine / alcohol tube

Tube for a bottle of wine


Tube for a bottle  it's glamorous  ecological wine packaging hand-woven from a pine wood.

Luby tube it is a unique gift for the bride and groom, thanks for parents or another party, where a bottle of good alcohol will be welcome.

Tuba and gift baskets for wine are very popular during the Christmas season, when we are happy to give our loved ones something special.

The tube can be stained, painted and thus create a unique case for wine / alcohol, hand-made tinctures.

The tube cover is pulled off and we can apply a logo / personalize it.


A novelty among wine packaging and products for decorating with the decoupage technique.


At the customer's request, we make laser engraving .


External dimensions;

Diameter; 10cm high; 34cm

Round wooden box for alcohol tube.
Woven box with a shank for alcohol
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