Plywood cutouts, laser cutouts.

Wooden heart laser cutouts


material: 3mm plywood. Very high quality plywood cutout do decoupage decorations . 3mm birch plywood, sanded on both sides. They are very carefully cut, the edge of the cut is medium bronze. Elements laser cut and then sanded. We also cut other things out of plywood. We can cut the pattern according to the customer's request. All items made in this way are polished and have no smoke streaks.


10x10cm 15 × 15cm
20x20cm 25x25cm
30x30cm 35x35cm
40x40cm 50x50cm

On request, the max heart size can be 150cm x 150cm; in this case, only personal collection. We can also cut other shapes with a laser to the size of a full sheet of plywood 150 × 150.

Hearts decorations to decorate. Production laser cutouts
Hearts laser cut from plywood

Wooden heart. Laser cutting from birch plywood.
Hearts cut from birch plywood. Available in several sizes.

Production of various types of wooden cutouts.
Plywood laser cutouts

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